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PAHOMOV SEMION – Специалист по вёрстке и дизайну



My name is Semen Pakhomov.

My specialization is graphic design and layout for printed materials.

For over thirteen years, I have been successfully solving tasks related to design and layout. Thanks to my successful practice and development, the main advantage of my work has become quality, and its goal is to provide clients with results that exceed their expectations. I strive for perfection in every project and take pride in the high level of quality in my work. I guarantee that you will receive the highest quality print production file.

If desired, you can familiarize yourself with my portfolio and client testimonials, as well as ask me any questions you may have using the contact section.

I offer you to review the list of my professional capabilities:

  • Design and layout of printed materials (books and covers, periodicals (magazines), multi-page catalogs, advertising materials, diaries, planners, quarterly calendars with original blocks, pocket calendars, brochures, leaflets, postcards, flyers, business cards, packaging) – from scratch or based on client samples.
  • Creating layouts considering all possible requirements, making changes and edits to layouts.
  • Color correction and photo retouching.
  • Making corrective edits.
  • Preparation of layouts for stamping, embossing, and debossing.
  • Preparation of layouts for additional processing (spot colors, varnishes, coatings).
  • Prepress file preparation.

I work with software programs such as Adobe InDesign, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, CorelDRAW, QuarkXPress.

By choosing me as the executor of your order, you will receive:

  • My full involvement in your project. Design and layout are not just a means of earning money for me, but also my passion. Each project allows me to develop creatively and professionally, and I am always open to communication and ready to take on any challenging tasks.
  • Understanding your project vision and the ability to bring it to life. Sometimes people find it difficult to convey their ideas in words, but I am ready to understand their overall concept even with minimal information. If you don’t have specific preferences, I can create a unique and attractive design that matches your task and all technical requirements.
  • Individual approach to each work. Each of us wants the designer to treat the order with special care, so that the layout is attractive, unique, and memorable. I guarantee special attention to each order. The layout will be interesting, meticulously thought out, and (if desired by the client) unique.
  • Timely completion of work without compromising quality. In my work, I strictly adhere to the specified deadlines for completing orders. This advantage is crucial when dealing with urgent orders, where every minute counts and there is no time to rectify the mistakes of the executor.
  • Compliance of the layout with all typography requirements. Each printing house has a set of requirements for layout design, and failure to comply with them can result in the layout not being printed, requiring additional adjustments in the prepress department (at an additional cost), or printing with errors. My experience working with numerous printing houses worldwide will help navigate all the technical intricacies of preparing the layout for printing and avoid additional expenses.

I would be glad to collaborate!
Best regards, Semen Pakhomov.